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Introducing Pillow

A new children's book series by author Debora De Santanna.
A story about a lovable dog named Pillow, who goes from stray dog to furry sidekick.
Pillow the Dog
Holiday Gift Packages

Pillow is offering some sweet gift packages for the holidays!

Pillow, The Dog Who Saved My Life

When a stray dog jumps in front of Mick and saves him from a car accident. In a blink of an eye, their lives are changed forever. 

Mick’s family is extremely thankful and adopts the dog and names him Pillow.

Pillow, The Dog Who Saved My Homework


Mick is really worried about his school assignment. He left everything to the last minute. Now he’s concerned that his work isn’t good enough. On top of that, something terrible happens on his way to school.

Once again Pillow is there for Mick...


From beginning to end, the story has an easy flow that is coherent and relatable. It is appealing to kids of all ages and especially to anybody that loves animals. The story will warm the hearts of any reader as it is full of kindness and love.  

Linda Sammut, Teacher-librarian

& mom of 3

I love love love your book! It is so endearing and sweet and kids can relate to them on issues that are relevant to them.   I love how you took small, little issues that are ‘big’ issues for kids

Mary Clare Spracklin, Nurse & Parent

As a dog lover, I fell in love with Pillow immediately! Who wouldn't love a dog that saves your son from being hit by a car! I'm sure that children will be delighted and entertained by the cute, fluffy white Pillow and his young master Mick!

Helen Pocarovsky, Teacher, Mom, & Grandmother

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