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Pillow, the Dog Who Saved my Homework

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About Book Two


We all need a Pillow to lean on! 


Mick is really worried about his school assignment. He left everything to the last minute and should have listened to his mom and done the assignment last week. Now he’s concerned that his work isn’t good enough. He barely got any sleep the night before because he was so worried about it. On top of that, something terrible happens on his way to school.

SPLATTT! His homework falls out of his backpack and gets covered in mud. Now what?

Find out how Pillow saves the day and helps his friend through a ruff time. Pillow, the Dog Who Saved My Homework, is a story about sibling love and the bond between a child and his furry friend as they navigate life’s everyday problems together.

Debora has a beautiful way of letting us feel as though we’re part of this family’s story. She makes us realize that we are all capable of turning an unfortunate event into an amazingly positive experience. The family’s dynamics are always enjoyable to witness and leaves one curious as to what will happen in the following chapter. Hopefully everyone can have the opportunity to have someone like “Pillow” whenever needed.

Carol Erdelyi, Teacher

A percentage of profits go to Cause4Paws Toronto

Cause4Paws is a not for profit group that is located in Toronto, Canada.

Cause4Paws co-ordinates the rescue, care, fostering and eventual adoption of animals in the Toronto area.

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