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Praise for Pillow the Dog

Pillow, the dog who saved my life  |  Dedicated Review

The Children's Book Review

By: Bianca Schulze   Posted: July 19, 2021

Mick loves to count things because it helps him pay attention to the world around him. However, the middle of a busy road is the wrong place to stop and pay attention! When Mick bends down in the road to look at a pretty pebble, he nearly gets run over by a car. It’s only the quick thinking of a very dirty, very skinny, very smelly little dog that…Overall, Pillow: The Dog Who Saved My Life is an enjoyable read for dog-loving families.

What Parents and Educators Say

From beginning to end, the story has an easy flow that is coherent and relatable. It is appealing to kids of all ages and especially to anybody that loves animals. The story will warm the hearts of any reader as it is full of kindness and love.

Linda Sammut, Teacher-librarian & mom of 3

I love love love your book! It is so endearing and sweet and kids can relate to them on issues that are relevant to them.   I love how you took small, little issues that are ‘big’ issues for kids

Mary Clare Spracklin, Nurse & Parent

As a dog lover, I fell in love with Pillow immediately! Who wouldn't love a dog that saves your son from being hit by a car! I'm sure that children will be delighted and entertained by the cute, fluffy white Pillow and his young master Mick!

Helen Pocarovsky, Teacher, Mom, & Grandmother

Debora has a beautiful way of letting us feel as though we’re part of this family’s story. She makes us realize that we are all capable of turning an unfortunate event into an amazingly positive experience. The family’s dynamics are always enjoyable to witness and leaves one curious as to what will happen in the following chapter. Hopefully everyone can have the opportunity to have someone like “Pillow” whenever needed.

Carol Erdelyi

Family pets mean everything - especially those that come into our lives with such a story. This book is filled with lessons about compassion and empathy and I’m excited to read more about the adventures of Pillow in his new family. Mick and Jenn are going to have their hands and hearts full. Pillow may not know it yet - but his life is forever changed from a lost dog to the luckiest dog!

Lucie Grys, Executive Director
Suitcase Theatre Arts + Education

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