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About Debora

- Debora de Santanna, Author -

Debora De Sant’Anna was born in Brazil and has spent most of her adult life in Canada. She began writing her children’s stories about a dog name Pillow during the pandemic. They are based on the bedtime stories she told her children when they were little. Writing children’s stories has always been Debora’s passion, but having English as a second language was a huge hurdle for her, until an editor read her stories and encouraged her to publish them. When she’s not writing, she can be found playing paddle tennis, working as a home stager, reading obsessively, or sharing a laugh with her friends. Debora lives in Toronto with her husband, two children, and their two adorable Labrador retrievers.

– How Pillow the Dog Stories Were Born –

When my kids were little, we would all snuggle up in bed together for storytime. Evening was always my favourite time of the day, even after a long day when exhaustion had overcome me. But my unconditional love for my children would surface when I looked at their pink faces after their hot baths. With sleepy eyes, they would hug their pillows and say, “Mommy, tell us a story.” Pillow the dog would appear in the stories every night. We could all imagine the fluffy white dog who had a special ability to solve each day’s problems. Pillow was a lifesaver!

The Pillow stories are for every child who has been through a ‘ruff’ time, and how a pet can help overcome some of those challenges

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